Welcome! My name is Charlotte de Waal, I am 23 years old and I am currently studying at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

I am in my third year of the ” Fine Art and Design Teacher Training” Bachelor. (yes it IS quite a mouthful.)

This schoolyear I am an intern at the Wolfert van Borselen secondary school. Here I practice my skills as a future Art teacher. The lessons are given mostly in English, as the school prides itself in it’s international position. I live in Bergen op Zoom, down in (het gezellige) Brabant. I have been a Dutch citizen for almost 10 years now. I am also half English, but my mannerisms are very much Dutch 😉 .

In my teachings I prefer to explore the art world that is happening around us. Questions like: Why is that blue canvas ”worth” 3 million dollars? And typical comments such as: ‘’my toddler could do that!’’ Are the most fun to dissect. Luckily with my subject, I believe there is no such thing as only one correct answer.

I also feel strongly about the importance of learning how to use certain tools and skills. Yes, we can google almost anything nowadays ; However, that does not take away the importance of been given the opportunity to taste from different disciplines from a young age.

I like to create moments, objects or a certain range of words that capture the concept that is life around us.

My storytelling or in dutch ”verhalend vermogen” is the thread that connects all my work together. My dummy’s are pieces of my life preserved within yellowing pages.

I look forward to meeting your story.

— Charlotte